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School is almost back and so is COVID :(

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Kids and the Delta Variant

How to stay informed, intentional, calm, and keep our kids safe with COVID here to stay.
With another back to school season upon us, we as parents find ourselves facing the same stress, questions and uncertainties as last year. But this time, hope feels bleaker. As hard as it is to stomach, COVID is here to stay, and unfortunately, our kids are facing the consequences.
Navigating this new chapter of the pandemic feels scary and as we do our best to take care of ourselves through it, our kids are going to be looking to us (as always) for answers and guidance. We've compiled some recent information and put it all in one place so you can be as prepared as possible facing these new and challenging times. 

1) How To Keep Your Child Safe From The Delta Variant

2) The Best Way to Keep Your Kids Safe From Delta

3) 6 Answers to Parents’ COVID-19 Questions as Kids Return to School

4) What Should Parents Know About the Delta Variant, Kids and Back to School?

5) Delta Is Bad News for Kids

6) When Will a COVID-19 Vaccine Be Ready for Kids Under 12, and What’s the Latest News on Clinical Trials?

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