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So what happened was....


“Congratulations! You are pregnant!” 

Once that statement sinks in, the exciting fantasies of what he or she will look like, that first snuggle, and designing the perfect nursery to welcome your little one will start to roll in.

But, before you can truly wrap your brain around this next endeavor, most likely you will start to receive a flood of sweet and generous celebratory gifts from friends and family. 

Like the neon pink onesie with attached sparkling tutu and matching princess bonnet, from, your dear Auntie and Uncle.

Or, the asymmetrical, post-apocalyptic, vegan leather sleeved jacket from your friend who thinks a dinner reservations at 11pm is perfectly normal. 

That's the situation I found myself in. And, as I searched and searched for that perfect in between, that would support my minimalistic yet fashion thoughtful aesthetic, my brand Miles and Milan was born. Named after my lovely niece and nephew; I set out to develop a brand that provides key basics and fashion items that are playful, effortless, and current. A brand that grows with your child and hopefully removes the fuss in dressing to help you enjoy those precious moments a little more.

I hope you enjoy! 


Shennel Fuller