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Building Self Esteem and Awareness in Children

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"Strong self-esteem is a child's armor against the challenges of the world!" - unknown 

As a young girl growing up I struggled to love my hair. I had every style you can think of from afros, twists, braids, perms, and even a jerry curl. Searching for the one that would make me feel whole.
It didn't help that my non-Black peers were fascinated with my new dos and haircare routines and that their overbearing questions felt like stalking paparazzi. They were completely oblivious to my personal space or feelings. 
It wasn't until I was far older that could look back and see that each style (maybe not the jerry curl) made me whole.
If only I could see then what I see now. Black hair is beautiful! Black hair is powerful! There is so much versatility - that in itself is an amazing thing!
Many years later I now feel secure in my hair love and I want my boys to love themselves as they were made early on. 
Building our child's self worth is a critical task for all parents. Our words hold so much power and what we expose them to also matters in their self esteem development. 
Thankfully back in 2014 I was introduced to the amazing author and illustrator, Mechal Renee Roe, of Happy Hair, Cool Cuts , and I Love Being Me.
Her books are love notes and affirmations for young girls and boys of color that showcase a variety of hair styles and complexions. She gives children a chance to see themselves wonderfully made and others a window into seeing the beautiful depths of our diversity. 


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Read Mechal's amazing article on her journey into the creation of the books below!


In 2013 I found myself at the end of a 10 year employment in the corporate world. I was burnt out but there was a spark a creativity in a new venture that I would set out on.
 I wanted to create children’s media dedicated to underrepresented boys and girls. Little did I know the avenues and trials I would have to go through to get this done. Some would include going to every bookstore in LA to see if they would carry my book only to be turned away. Going through several different printers on my own with various degrees of frustration. Trusting my Volkswagen Jetta to get me across the southeast for mommy and me/ daddy daughter events with the occasional breakdowns.
But today I look back on all the different obstacles I faced and I’m met with gratitude that HappyHair & Cool Cuts are all in the world changing little boys and girls lives one by one. I wrote this book for the little girl inside of me who had not been validated by her skin or her hair. Being a children’s wear designer for 10 years showed me how important it is for little children to see themselves and how black and brown children were underrepresented.
Creating these books was an act of self love. It was a persistence and a desire to create change. I’m grateful that there are more books in the market for children under represented. 
Today there are more books on the market for little black and brown boys and girls. Children can see themselves as mermaids, dancers, and various other things. Adults can embrace their imagination in ways that they hadn’t as a child. 
As we continue to grow the underrepresented markets in children’s media, we can change the future by telling a new story
To shop Mechal's books click HERE .

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