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It's been __ days since I left my house! 

While we all are working hard to help flatten the curve and days are melting into one; now more than ever is it important to take some time for self care. 

I understand taking a moment for your self may feel inconceivable (shout out to Princess Bride) with the never ending obligations coming from every direction. BUT, regardless of your daily schedule (I don't know who needs to hear this), taking a moment to do something for yourself is the best thing you can do for your family. 


Meet our Expert: Camille Carter (Charmed by Camille), a fashion, beauty, & lifestyle blogger who is no stranger to self-care. 


Camille, a former brand director at Dermalogica, has shared 6 easy ways to destress while in quarantine. Read her article below! 


Hi you! Your life is probably a little more hectic right now. Between more family members home at once, new at-home activities to dream up, and maybe even cramped working spaces, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself sane. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself right now; a mom who makes time for self-care is a better mom for her family. In case you need a little help in the “staying zen” department, here are 6 ideas to de-stress at home.

Take a Bath

Quarantine or not, taking a bath helps to de-stress and get in your “me time.” Here’s what you can do to upgrade your bath and make it feel a little more special than kid bath time:

  • Add some Epsom salt, bubble bath, or throw in a bath bomb with essential oils (to help relieve tension physically and mentally!)
  • Light a candle or two
  • Turn on some relaxing music (Spotify has some pretty good acoustic cover stations)
  • Throw on a face mask
  • Read a chapter or two of that book you haven’t opened in a while

Even though you may have a new normal of juggling more people in your household at a single time or new schedules, try to take even 10 minutes for this. Turn that water on, grab your cozy robe, and hop in.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Long story short here: different essential oil scents help with different things. (ie. productivity, calmness, etc). If you’re not sure where to start, get a lavender oil to help de-stress right before bed – it’s super calming! 

A pleasant aroma not only provides natural healing elements, but an overall feel-good environment for you and your family.

Do Your Full Skin Care Routine

Put your kids to sleep a few minutes early to give yourself some extra time to layer, layer, layer on all of those serums you usually rush through, if at all. Or, if you’re allowing extra time for sleeping in, upgrade your morning routine with an extra step or two.

Work Out

Sure, maybe you can’t get to your gym or favorite workout class, but you can still move your body. It’s no secret that working out releases endorphins, aka hormones that de-stress your body.

  • Get up every hour and take a few laps around your apartment or house
  • Have a dance party for some cardio
  • You don’t need equipment – pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, and squats require nothing
  • If you can, take a quick walk around your neighborhood – just keep your 6 feet distance from your neighbor

These workouts might not be your best, hardest, or heaviest, but even low impact movement for 30 days will do your min wonders.

Try to get the whole family involved; there’s nothing like a midday dance party to put a smile on everyone’s faces – especially your kiddos!

Give Yourself a Mani Pedi

If you’re feeling blah or lacking motivation to do your hair, get dressed, etc., just know that’s okay. Put on a chick flick, pick your favorite shade of polish, and paint your nails. Freshly painted nails can instantly give you a sense of feeling “put together,” especially if going to the nail salon is a place you’d normally visit to de-stress. 

FaceTime Friends and Family

Even if you’re in a house full of kids, pets, and significant others, this time period can be lonely and therefore, stressful. We as humans require interaction with others, and something as easy as FaceTiming someone you haven’t seen in a couple of weeks can bring a sense of normalcy.

There’s nothing better than seeing the faces of those you care about – and a smile from these people can do wonders on making you feel all better inside!


To learn more from from Camille click HERE to visit her blog. 

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